The key to succes!


TOOOlbox is a creative concept that focuses itself on the translation of trends. We look after the complete translation of new developments in the market, such as developing new trend themes, offering new designs and commercial presentation of you collection. Cooperation is key for the succesful collection. The box consists of the following toools:


Box 1: Trend forecast & Concept styling

What are the new developments in the world and how can these be converted within your business? Twice a year TOOOlbox releases a trendbook in which trends in the gift and home decor industry are shown. The emphasis lies on new colour and atmosphere themes. What are the new colours, shapes and materials and how can these be converted within your market?

Next to the trend book we also provide an-in-house-workshop. With a customized presentation we show new ideas, brainstorm and discuss your current collections. What are the new developments and products within your market?


 Box 2: Product Development


What is new to the market of materials, surfaces and patterns? We collect and supply materials and unique handmade and customized surfaces suitable for the new trends of your product. We help advice you with your new collection or will accompany you to the manufacturer; this will assure you with the best design for your organization.




Box 3: Styling


  • Showroom & Booth styling:We creatively will design a 2D and 3D presentation of your showroom or booth. This ensures your collection to have a current and contemporary look.
  • Green & Floral design: Using floral elements to give your showroom, entry, event or booth that realistic natural feel.
  • Photo styling: We will assist you in creating a unique and stylish brochure, website or catalogue. In return this will help increase your company's productivity.